Busy moving, no time for DIYs today.

With the move tomorrow, I’ve stayed up way beyond my bedtime to get some last minute cleaning squared away (or at the very least, attempted). So in my absence of something crafty and sci-fi, here’s a photo I edited of some starfish.

Who would’ve thought they’d have so much to say?

[ original via kaylah via meaghdearsley ]

Stay tuned. More posts to come soon.

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Hello world!

It seems like I’ve started more blogs than I have toes on my feet (I assure you I have the normal amount) and yet I never have the guts to publish anything I write. I suppose a bit of writer’s anxiety has been holding me back. However, spring is in full bloom and with a ton of change coming my way, I figure one more try can’t hurt.


…And thus, I give you Jedi Science!

…. No, it’s not really a blog about science, but rather a tribute to my love of all things Star Wars and Sci-fi. I’m mega huge into crafting, organizing my cluttered things, LEGOs and technology. Cardboard is my favorite medium and I feel that Duct tape is a gift from god. I’d love for you guys to get a great sense of inspiration from my blog, if not encouragement to let your geek out every once in a while. My focus is to post DIY crafts, some cool tech how-to’s and maybe some personal memoirs on the growth in my life.


So please, do stick around. I promise some great things this month.

(hint hint, I’m throwing a Dr. Who party on the 23rd and there will be plenty of recipe and craft posts leading up to the event. Also, a flying shark. 8] )

– Stephanie

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