The party was a HUGE success

Despite the bad weather we’ve been having here in Dallas the past few days, 15 people turned out for our Dr Who party (out of 20-something who RSVPd) and everyone really had a great time. People came in costumes and Dr. Who shirts and plungers in hand.

The food was a huge hit, especially the cupcakes. Out of the 30 we made, only 7 live on in our fridge. We also managed to score a big box of Jelly Babies from our local British grocery store.

A friend of ours brought some Dr. Who inspired Jello Shots. Advices by a friend’s Step-Dad who lives in England, we took a shot every time somebody forgot something… so we all got pretty drunk.

The man of the house and I also made of a batch of Sonic Screw Drivers from The Drunken Moogle (minus the Rose Raspberry mixer). Even without the extra ingredient, these were absolutely wonderful!!!

The flying shark was just as interested in the Christmas Special as we were.

The only downfall of the party is that all 15 guests want to come back next week and everyone who missed out said the same. Our small living room cried a little when it heard the news. We’ll probably stay home “sick” next weekend. 😉

Thanks for keeping up with our watching party! I’ll post more DR. WHO crafts and recipes soon.

Coming up: prepare for some Science and Sci-Fi posts. The man of the house is a big Trekkie and I have some things in mind. Also, I’ve been playing PORTAL 2 and have found it very inspiring. If you haven’t played it I suggest you do! It’s absolutely amazing!

❤ Stephanie


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