My new favorite Android App

The man of the house has learned long ago that he can’t leave his smart phone unattended for long before I’ve kidnapped it and adopted it as if it were my own. I still don’t have the money to  get one for myself, so the man has graciously shared.
With all the android apps and games floating around, you think my favorite app would be something useful, like a bar-code scanner or converter of sorts. Maybe even a Pokedex? But no, my new favorite app is one of the more recent apps released by Google Labs.
Androidify is a free app available for download on the android market. It’s easy to use and you’ll find yourself fighting over it if you’re like us and share an android device. You can drag the screen to add shape to your android, customize the skin, clothes, hair and accessories. And even add a mustache for charisma. Maybe even a monocle?
Whatever your tastes, Androidify is sure to be worth it’s free price tag. Just be careful not to go overboard with the posting. Luckily we still have unlimited data. :3
– Stephanie
Also, stay tuned for more awesome DIY posts.                                                                                                             Want a hint about what’s coming up? It involves this cute little guy:


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One Response to My new favorite Android App

  1. Studly Mover Man says:

    Is that Adipose?!? Is this a hint at what Dr. Who party favours are going to be?!?!?! ZOMG I’ve always wanted one!!!! ^^

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