Hello world!

It seems like I’ve started more blogs than I have toes on my feet (I assure you I have the normal amount) and yet I never have the guts to publish anything I write. I suppose a bit of writer’s anxiety has been holding me back. However, spring is in full bloom and with a ton of change coming my way, I figure one more try can’t hurt.


…And thus, I give you Jedi Science!

…. No, it’s not really a blog about science, but rather a tribute to my love of all things Star Wars and Sci-fi. I’m mega huge into crafting, organizing my cluttered things, LEGOs and technology. Cardboard is my favorite medium and I feel that Duct tape is a gift from god. I’d love for you guys to get a great sense of inspiration from my blog, if not encouragement to let your geek out every once in a while. My focus is to post DIY crafts, some cool tech how-to’s and maybe some personal memoirs on the growth in my life.


So please, do stick around. I promise some great things this month.

(hint hint, I’m throwing a Dr. Who party on the 23rd and there will be plenty of recipe and craft posts leading up to the event. Also, a flying shark. 8] )

– Stephanie


About Stephanie

more later
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One Response to Hello world!

  1. heidi says:

    FYI: I am following you on google reader.

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